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Why choose Aklin Cleaning?
At Aklin.nyc, our expertise extends beyond mere couch cleaning. Each of our professionals is rigorously trained to recognize, purify, and address the unique needs of various couch materials. Whether it’s the luxurious touch of suede, the classic elegance of leather, the softness of fabric, or the practicality of microfiber, our team has the skills and knowledge to expertly care for your suede couch, ensuring it looks and feels its best


15 days after cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We use only natural products so it is safe and even healthy.

Save your time

Our people are trained professionals and we know how to do our job well and fast.

Our workflow

Inspection and Pre-Consultation

Every suede cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of the couch. Our experts evaluate the suede's condition, noting any stains, wear, or damage. This step includes a consultation with the client to understand their concerns and expectations, ensuring a customized cleaning plan that meets their needs.

Pre-Treatment Process

To prepare the suede for cleaning, we apply a specialized pre-treatment solution that loosens dirt, oils, and stains without harming the suede's delicate texture. This gentle yet effective preparation is crucial for a deep clean that preserves the suede's natural qualities.

Deep Cleaning

Utilizing advanced cleaning techniques and equipment, our professionals meticulously remove dirt, stains, and odors from the suede. This process is carefully monitored to ensure the suede's integrity is maintained, leaving your couch clean, refreshed, and vibrant.

Conditioning and Protection

Post-cleaning, the suede is treated with a conditioning agent to restore its softness and suppleness. We then apply a protective layer to shield the suede from future stains and damage, extending the life and beauty of your couch.

Drying and Finishing Touches

Our drying process is designed to safely and efficiently bring your suede couch back to a useable condition quickly. We ensure that the suede is evenly dried to prevent stiffness and maintain its texture. Final touches are applied to fluff and brush the suede, enhancing its appearance.

Post-Cleaning Review and Care Tips

To conclude our service, we conduct a final review with the client to ensure their complete satisfaction. We also provide professional advice on maintaining the suede couch, including tips on daily care and spot cleaning, to keep the couch looking its best between professional cleanings.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Prices*

At Aklin Cleaning, our pricing for upholstery cleaning services, including our specialized Suede Couch Cleaning Service in NYC, is transparent and straightforward. Our rates are designed to offer you excellent value, ensuring your furniture receives top-notch care without hidden fees.

Refresh Package: Perfect for routine care, this package provides a comprehensive cleaning to rejuvenate and sanitize your upholstery, ensuring it looks and feels clean.

Pro Package: Tailored for a more intensive cleaning, this option covers deep stain removal and applies fabric protection to keep your upholstery in pristine condition for longer.

Pricing is determined per furniture piece, reflecting the high level of attention and skill applied to each item, from standard sofas to unique pieces like oversized sectionals and delicate items, ensuring personalized care.

Choose Aklin Cleaning for expert upholstery care that combines quality service with competitive pricing, highlighting our dedication to your satisfaction and the preservation of your furniture’s beauty.


Refresh package

Pro Package

























*The prices listed on the aklin.nyc website are estimates. Unique stains or odors on your upholstery and the specifics of your facility may result in an increase in the cost of our services.

Prices for Upholstery Stain Removal

Stain Type

Refresh package

Pro Package

Food stains



Drink stains



Pet stains



Oil or grease stains



Aklin Cleaning recognizes the complexity behind every stain, understanding that each one requires a tailored approach for effective removal. Be it a deep-set food stain, a vibrant spill from a beverage, an unusual mark left by a pet, or a tough grease spot, we select our cleaning techniques and solutions with precision to tackle the specific issue at hand.

Our website provides initial price estimates to offer a ballpark figure of our services. However, true cost determination comes after a comprehensive evaluation at your location. During this inspection, we consider the stain’s characteristics, its duration on the fabric, the material of the upholstery, and other unique aspects of the item. This careful analysis allows us to propose the most effective treatment plan and provide an accurate quote for our suede couch cleaning service, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

What is Included in the Cleaning Package

Leather furniture




Departure of the master



Departure of the master

Vacuum cleaning



Vacuum cleaning of the car

Cleaning with USA solution



Removal of stains

Conditioner USA



Aqua cleaning

Protection for skin USA



Knocking out of dust mites

Removal of odor


Rinse aid

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Experience Unparalleled Suede Couch Cleaning with Aklin Cleaning

At Aklin Cleaning, we understand that your suede couch is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a central part of your home’s comfort and aesthetic. That’s why we offer specialized suede couch cleaning services designed to address every need, from removing coffee spills to eliminating pet odors, ensuring your couch is guest-ready anytime.

Our Expertise in Every Couch Fabric

Our team is not limited to just suede; we specialize in a wide range of fabrics, from microfiber to leather luxury. We believe in the magic of transformation, striving to restore your living room’s heart to its former glory, one couch at a time.

  • Microfiber magic
  • Leather luxury care
  • Specialized suede treatment

The Aklin Cleaning Couch Promise

Dive into freshness every time you sit on your couch with our Aklin Cleaning couch promise. Our advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions redefine relaxation, making every sit a testament to comfort and cleanliness. Feel the difference with Aklin Cleaning’s meticulous couch cleaning process.

  1. Initial Inspection and Fabric Analysis
  2. Customized Cleaning Solution Application
  3. Advanced Stain and Odor Removal Techniques
  4. Final Inspection to Ensure Perfection

Advanced Cleaning Techniques for Suede Couches

We use state-of-the-art cleaning techniques specifically designed for suede, ensuring that every fiber is treated with care. Our gentle yet effective cleaning methods remove dirt and stains without damaging the delicate suede fabric.

Elevate Your Lounge Experience

With Aklin Cleaning, comfort and cleanliness go hand in hand. Our suede couch cleaning service is designed to not only clean but also preserve the fabric,

Suede Couch Cleaning Services
Suede Couch Cleaning Services

remains a cozy, clean, and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. Let us help you elevate your lounge experience to the next level.

Comprehensive Care and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a suede couch goes beyond professional cleaning. We provide our clients with expert tips on daily care and maintenance to keep your couch looking and feeling its best between professional cleanings.

  • Avoiding direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment
  • Immediate attention to spills to prevent staining

Why Regular Professional Cleaning is Essential

Regular professional cleaning extends the life of your suede couch, preserving its beauty and comfort. Our expert team helps prevent the buildup of dust, allergens, and odors, ensuring a healthy and inviting living environment.

Ready for a Fresh Start?

If your suede couch is in need of a refresh, Aklin Cleaning is here to deliver unparalleled service. Don’t let spills or odors keep you from enjoying your living space. Contact us today through our online form to schedule your suede couch cleaning service and embrace a cleaner, fresher home.

We also do these types of cleaning

We recommend professional cleaning for your suede couch at least once a year to maintain its appearance and extend its lifespan. However, if your couch experiences heavy use or if you have pets and children, you may benefit from more frequent cleanings. Regular professional care ensures your suede remains vibrant, clean, and durable.
While we strive to remove all types of stains from suede couches, the success rate can vary depending on the nature of the stain, how long it has been set, and the specific type of suede. During our initial inspection, we’ll assess the stain and provide an honest evaluation of the expected outcomes. Our advanced cleaning techniques can tackle most stains, offering significant improvement in the appearance of your couch.
Absolutely. Our suede couch cleaning service uses only suede-safe cleaning agents and techniques that are specifically designed for delicate materials like suede. We prioritize the integrity and longevity of your couch, ensuring our process is gentle yet effective. Our professionals are trained to handle suede with the utmost care, guaranteeing a thorough clean without risking damage.
The drying time for a suede couch can vary depending on the ambient conditions in your home, such as temperature and humidity. On average, it takes about 24 hours for a suede couch to dry completely after a professional cleaning. We’ll provide you with specific care instructions to follow during the drying process to ensure optimal results.
Our Team
Boasting an impeccable eye for detail, Bogdan is a cleaning maestro who transforms any room into a clean haven. His dedication to cleanliness and organization is unparalleled, providing clients with spaces that are not only clean but also harmoniously ordered.
Nick represents the highest standards of excellence in the cleaning industry. His extensive experience coupled with a keen understanding of client needs allows him to deliver solutions that are both efficient and effective, striking the perfect balance between thoroughness and speed.
Andrew brings innovation to cleaning, integrating eco-friendly practices and products into his work. He's our go-to guy for green cleaning solutions, always ensuring that our services not only clean your spaces but also contribute to a healthier environment.
Sergio exemplifies dedication and professionalism. His vast understanding of diverse cleaning methods guarantees spotless results for every space. Under Sergio's care, anticipate a scrupulously organized cleaning process that leaves no room for grime or chaos.
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